Individuals in conflict with society.

More than 50% of released prisoners return to jail or prison within 3 years.
Most released prisoners return to jail or prison within 3 years. Photo: © 2014 David Wood

When we decided to make a film about a social problem that costs American taxpayers more than $70 billion annually we started with a single question: “Why does the US have more people in jail and prison than any other nation on the planet?”

To find the answer to our question, we traveled from Nashville, Tennessee to Washington, DC. Along the way we interviewed lawmakers, lawbreakers, clergy, educators, criminologists, and recovery professionals.

It is the nature of most documentaries that they reveal social problems that destroy communities, or portray people overcoming great obstacles to obtain a goal. Our first documentary was a little of both.

Everyone we talked with believed that wherever they were in the criminal justice system—behind bars or outside of them—they were doing the best they could. We were struck by their profound honesty and earnestness to tell the truth as they knew it.

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